Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our company’s commitment is framed within a model of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Management (CSR)

To apply voluntarily in government and management, in strategy, and in policies and procedures, the values and ethical codes that arise from the relationship and transparent dialogue with stakeholders. Being responsible for the consequences and impacts of our actions and setting our business goals according to the sustainable development of society.

Adhesion to the (UN) United Nations Global Compact as an Associated Company

In order to identify synergies, in the constant search for the development of sustainability within, but especially beyond the Company, in TAISI we have carried out in 2017 the accession as Partners to the United Nations Global Compact.

Taisi is member of the Agri-Food Sector Working Group focused on identifying the challenges of the agri-food sector and businesses in relation to the 2030 Development Agenda and disseminating the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) among its groups of Interest.

Commitment About the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Taisi is firmly committed to the 2030 Agenda and to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly those related to Taisi’s core business. Compliance with the SDGs is also related to the implementation of the Ten Principles of the Global Compact in the business sector. Both outlines are cross-cutting in the lasting purpose: create sustainable societies, economies and markets.

Spain UN Global Compact
Commitment About the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Alimenta ODS

Taisi somos integrantes del Grupo de Trabajo Sector Agroalimentación de la Red Española del Pacto Mundial centrado en identificar los retos del sector agroalimentario y de las empresas en relación a la Agenda de Desarrollo 2030 y difundir los ODS (Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible) entre sus grupos de interés.

Los trabajos e inquietudes compartidas con otras empresas respecto a la necesidad de impulsar la sostenibilidad en el sector agroalimentario nos han llevado a colaborar en este proyecto compartido con Enraíza Derechos (antes Prosalus), Ecodes, Alcampo, Mercadona e Interporc.

Avanzamos en los ODS desde una alimentación sana y sostenible ¡Construimos un futuro posible!

Alimenta ODS

Equality Plan

Since our conviction and confirmation of action on gender equal opportunities between women and men, in accordance with MSSSI guidelines, we have carried out the implementation of a voluntary gender equality play. Besides, we implement a Protocol on Prevention and Action against Sexual Harassment and Gender Harassment.

TAISI has received the “Equality in Enterprise” 2017 award, which grants a proposal from the Institute of Women and for Equal Opportunities in recognition of the responsibility developed in matters of corporate social responsibility and promotion culture of equality, conciliation and diversity in the Company, among employees, family and communities.

Taisi, TGE
Equality Plan, Taisi
Taisi, Cepyme igualdad 2017

Family & work-life balance Management

In coherence with the TAISI culture, we decided to work to implement a system of managing the interface between family and working life, that would assure us the effective application and management of this chapter in the Company.

We follow the methodology of the requirements of the Family-Responsible Company (EFR) Model by the Smartest Foundation. TAISI becomes the first SME company at the national level, in rural, with less than 50 people employment, to obtain the Certificate the Certificate Efr certificate.

Taisi, certificado en conciliación familiar