Our Mission, Vision & Values.

Passion for Fruit:

– It’s our essence

– It’s what we want and know how to do

– It’s our link with natural environment and connection to the entire world

– It’s the overview of our mission, vision & value statements

– Our Mission –

To create value for the Company, for the Community and for the Society. To make a difference through the manufacture and marketing of a wide range of candied fruit products, syrup and jams. To provide miscellaneous sectors of food industries in the domestic and international market.

To extend responsible management to our business-based commitments on general and specific food safety legislation, environmental, sustainable development, innovation, continuous improvement and innovation quality of our products. To respect, loyalty and trust employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and stakeholders.

– Our Vision –

Achieve business leadership in the candied fruit and jams sector, working with passion and purpose to maintain our company reputation and recognition gotten over three family generations. Sensitive to corporate social sustainable development and responsible management. Solidarity with the Community. Stimulating our creative and innovative capacity internally and through external partnerships for the development of new products and markets. Promoting the internal growth of the Organization, through effective communication, active participation and aimed at reconciling work and family life in favor work -life balance of staff in a healthy business environment.

– Our Values –

Social prestige and entrepreneurial vocation. Taisi’s reputation and achievements over three family generations are the result of dedication and effort; purpose and perseverance; as well as the courage and entrepreneurial vocation of its promoters.

Social commitment. At Taisi we daily renew our commitment with the well-being of staff, their Families, the Community and the Society as a whole, through social action, volunteering and the promotion of equality culture. We bring into line our social vocation with business strategy.

Business leadership. We work humbly to maintain Taisi’s leadership in the candied fruit sector, focus on the trust and loyalty of our stakeholders: our staff, our Shareholders, our Suppliers, our Customers, the Community and the Administration, building between all a strong association of interests and wills.

Innovation and sustainable development. In the constant search for opportunities of development and improvement at Taisi we promote innovation in each business area, through the creativity and initiative of the people who make up the Organization and external alliances focused on suitable development.

We sow passion, we reap trust. At Taisi we set passion and optimism in what we do and build trust in stakeholders, through efficient processes of raw materials and manufacturing; through the nonstop improvement of the quality of the products of our products and the excellence of our service, as well as our responsible environmental management and our social commitment.

Growth and participation of people. We support the growth of Taisi´s team, through learning and training programs for personal and professional development; through active participation in daily Company’s activity in favor work -life balance of staff in a healthy business environment.