Taisi, entrega del certificado en conciliación familiar EFR Taisi Premios Exportación 2022, Cámara de Comercio
Taisi, Since The Origin

Taisi, José María Lázaro S.A.

José María Lázaro S.A., known for its trademarks TAISI and FALAGUERA, mainly deals to the manufacture of fruit preserves. The company´s head office is in Calatayud, Zaragoza, Spain. The company has a wide experience in this sector, and it is guaranteed by three generations that have carried out it. More information >

Taisi, Candied Fruits

Candied Fruit

With a high quality, they are addressed to the following industries: patisserie, bakery, ice-cream parlour, biscuits, nougat candy and chocolates. It enhances, red and green cherries, orange: disks, peel, strips and cubes, fruits cubes and maraschino cherries.

Taisi, Confitures and Fillings

Confitures and Fillings

Products addressed to the following industries: patisserie, bakery, ice-cream parlour, hotel and catering industry. Our company offers a wide range of confitures and fills, made from different fruits: apricot, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, berries, kiwi, lemon, apple, peach, blackberry, orange, pineapple, … They are adapted to each manufacturing-process and to the special requirements of every client.

Taisi, Fruits in Light Syrup

Fruits in Light Syrup

Our fruits in syrup are made from fresh fruits and with the most dedication possible for its use in patisserie, ice-cream parlour and catering decoration.

Taisi, Fruits in SO2

Fruit in SO2

Wide range of fruits in SO2, harvested, processed and chosen for their  manufacturing in candied fruits.

Product development and tailor made solutions

Besides the standar product brochure, we design and develop customized products according to customers’ requests and needs

Taisi, productos sin sulfitos
Taisi, productos sin gluten
Taisi, productos sin conservantes
preservative free
Taisi, productos sin azúcar
Taisi, productos sin aditivos
additive free

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