José María Lázaro S.A., known for its trademarks TAISI and FALAGUERA, mainly deals to the manufacture of fruit preserves. The company´s head office is in Calatayud, Zaragoza, Spain. The company has a wide experience in this sector, and it is guaranteed by three generations that have carried out it.

José María Lázaro Yague

José María Lázaro Yague

José María Lázaro Yague, grandfather of Ruth Lázaro, set up the company at the beginning of the twentieth century. He was engaged in the sale of nurseries and the manufacture of the first canned fruit.

José María Lázaro Francia

José María Lázaro France

In 1969 José María Lázaro Francia, father of Ruth Lázaro carried out industrial and commercial development in the current facilities.

Ruth Lázaro,Taisi

Ruth Lazaro Torres

Currently it is a third generation that is in the phase of strengthening and strengthening the legacy experience.

The new generation takes over from a consolidated company, with extensive experience and strength in the market but with options of development and growth.

Nowadays, TAISI offers a wide range of products for the food industry, such as candied fruit, syrups, jams and fillings and fruit in SO2. Production is intended for both domestic and export markets, with great versatility in the production processes of the products.

The company is a family-run company which has passed down our knowledge and experience through three generations. We adhere to the core values of new technological advances and new consumption habits. We are responsible and are committed in order to ensure the quality, safety and safety of the products. The company is certified under FSSC 22000 Food Safety and Safety Standards, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (APPCC) and ISO 9001:2015 management system.

In the company innovation materializes in the development of new products, the expansion of product ranges and the incorporation of technological improvements in the manufacturing processes that revert to an improvement of the final quality of the product and in the improvement of our economic, social and environmental indicators.

The company’s commitment to research, innovation and development is part of a model of managing the company with social responsibility that is based on developing the business in a way that generates value for the entrepreneur and, at the same time, for the long-term and sustainable society.