Brand Ambassadors

Taisi´s brand ambassadors are world-leading professionals from pastry chefs and local artisan bakers to chefs, master chocolatiers and world-class confectioners and technical speakers.

Our purpose is to be in touch with professionals to optimally suited to customer´s needs and be ahead of the developments in the sector.

David Pallás

He is currently an ambassador of the Taisi brand making demonstrations and including in his elaborations Taisi products. Master chocolatier, Master pastry, business advisor, teacher and R&D advisor.

David has been awarded and recognized in competitions. Absolute champion World Chocolate Masters (1999), First Prize of Pastry in the category of chocolate and chocolates in the Spanish Cup of Pastry (2007). He participated in the television program “Deja Sitio para el postre” (2014) and currently is the TV host “Chocolateando” on Canal Cocina channel.

David Pallás, Ambassador Taisi